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Our design team started working in Russia in 2002 under name of LLC Lausamo Project as an affiliate of Finnish engineering company Lausamo Oy. Later in the result of reorganization LLC Lausamo Project changed its name to LLC Rejlers.

At the moment we are an absolutely independent company LLC RA-Stroiplan registered in the list of members of self-regulated company “Association of Expert and Analytical Center of Designers “Project Portal”, SRO-P-019-26082009.

During all these years we have been rendering services of design, accompanying of design documentation and construction for Russian and Western companies having activity in Russia.
As General Designer we prepare design, coordinate it from concepts to realization starting from an empty land plot and finishing with commissioning.
We prepare design by our own forces, and we can coordinate and adapt work of foreign designers. We note all wishes of the client and offer the most economical solutions.
Among our clients there are large state authorities, local authorities and commercial companies (Stora Enso Packaging, Stockmann, Hansa, Sormat, Paroc, Teknos, Ruukki, Neste, Swedwood and others)

We have made such large objects as:

  • Sports complex in Noginsk inclusive ice rink for 1500 spectators, sports hall for 800 spectators, 5 swimming pools, hotel for 100 places, buffets, café. Project and Working documentation, state expertise
  • Multifunctional sports complex of HC «Locomotive» in Yaroslavl with ice rink for 1500 spectators, multifunctional swimming pool with SPA for 70 persons, hotel, medical center, restaurant. Project documentation, state expertise, commissioning
  • Paroc Stone Wool Plant in Tver region. Functions of General Designer and preparation of special design parts. State expertise
  • Aquapark — entertainment complex with water attractions in Cherepovets, 5 swimming pools of 800prs/day capacity; SPA, café, bar. Project documentation, state expertise
  • Logistics complex in Kaluga region. Project documentation and state expertise
  • Myllyn Paras Oat Mill in Domodedovo. Working documentation — all parts
  • Stockmann warehouse in Chernaya Gryaz village. Replanning, working documentation, author inspection, as-built documentation
  • Teknos Paint plant in Egorievsk and Peterhof. Project documentation
  • MEGA Family Trading Center extension in Khimki. Project documentation
  • Institute of retraining and qualification increase of directors and specialists at Basmannyi pereulok in Moscow. Capital renovation of building constructed in 1914. Structures survey, change of flooring, roof, engineering systems. Working documentation — all parts, and author inspection
  • Psychoneurological residential facility №12. Survey and capital renovation of 4-storey building with cellar. Change of engineering systems. Working documentation — all parts
  • Scientific center of children’s health RAMN (NCZD RAMN) in Moscow. Reconstruction of ophthalmological module. Preparation of working documentation
  • 1st Offset plant in Balabanovo, Kaluga region. Project and Working documentation, author inspection.
  • Spartak plant of children’s care goods and paper production (diapers) in Stupino. Working documentation of security systems, telephone and computer networks, external lighting
  • Wood-pulp and paper mill Mondi in Syktyvkar. Working and as-built documentation of heating and ventilation
  • Extension of Swedwood Tikhvin furniture factory and boiler plant. Production building with in-built Administration and social building. Project documentation
  • 3rd Corrugated board plant in Lukhovitsy. Project documentation, state expertise. Working documentation, author inspection, commissioning
  • Ice palace with two ice rinks in Saransk, 2550 places for spectators. Project documentation, state expertise. Working documentation, author inspection, commissioning
  • Production and warehouse complex of manufacturing, packaging and storage of milk products Valio (Cheese plant) in Ershovo, Moscow region. Working documentation
  • Production and logistics complex «Sormat» in Kaluga region. Production building. Preparation of project and working documentation
  • Shops Stockmann-Seppala, Stockmann-Bestseller; Stockmann — Nike in trading centers (31 shops). Preparation of working documentation
  • And many other objects

 Totally our company has made over 130 projects.